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Offline Marketing Tips to Boost your Online Brand

You know how we feel about offline marketing. Just because we are now living in a world where brands can use the internet to reach even more than ever, does not mean offline marketing strategies are obsolete.

In fact, learning how to market your business in an effective manner to those who are not looking at their phones can help maximise your efforts. There are still customers who will respond to offline marketing techniques. Implement it into your marketing campaigns and you can achieve a higher ROI. Here are our top ideas for making the most out of your offline marketing efforts.

Magazine Articles

You could write and submit a magazine article that mentions your website as an additional source. This is a great way to reach out to those who perhaps don’t read blog posts as much. Magazines also give you the competitive edge as they are visually engaging and target a specific demographic. Be sure to offer actionable insights that meet the needs of your target readers. Grab their attention from the very beginning by starting with a captivating story they can relate to.

Business Cards

It is common for many people to forget a website after randomly stumbling across it for the first time. Whether or not people come across your website, business cards are an open invitation for people to engage with your brand on multiple occasions.

Printed information on a business card is permanent. It is the perfect opportunity for people to tap in your domain name or contact information whenever they may need your services. Create a wonderful first impression by choosing a business card design that truly reflects your business.

Creative Stickers

Creative stickers are a way of showcasing your brand in a light-hearted and clever way. They can also offer the element of storytelling if designed correctly.

Radio Advertising

You can hear it in the office every day, as do many other businesses. If you wish to promote your social media profiles, but have not yet began to build your website, then advertise on the radio. Remember to aim for stations that you know fit your demographic.

When crafting your radio copy, make sure it is catchy and goes straight to the point. Mention how you aim to serve the consumer through your product or service. Depending on your specific goal with radio advertising, it is important that you remember to clearly outline your call to action, which in this case, is an invitation to follow you on social media.

Conduct Workshops

Whether you are in arts and crafts or serve B2B clients, teach your audience something new. This should be a skill or knowledge in a particular department that they would benefit form. Make sure this advice is exclusive and free so that they will want to invest in what else you have to offer. You workshop should be interactive and engaging so that your prospects will want to get more one-on-one support from you. End the workshop with a special offer that is only accessible to those who attend.

Sponsor an Event

Many businesses are starting to see the benefits of a sponsorship. When you sponsor an event, you are raising brand awareness. This helps to build your authority. Attendees or participants, especially those in the media industry, will spread the word about your brand.

It also helps you to build new partnerships with other brands that are local to you. Think about the number of local sports teams and clubs that are looking for sponsorship for new kit. Your name could be seen on their match days, both home and away!

Branded Merchandise

This could be anything, from pens and notebooks, to lanyards and mugs. Stick your logo wherever you think will grab people’s attention. Give these away to let your name be seen all over town! These promotional materials are great for giving your marketing a boost. What’s more, you can gain a list of loyal customers in the process. Remember to print your contact information on your branded merchandise and include promotional codes that unlock discounts!

Billboards and Poster Advertising

Are your online advertisements not getting the results you had hoped for? If so, consider billboard advertising instead. Even though they can be quite pricey, repetitive exposure to these advertisements can be effective in putting your brand to the top of people’s minds.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Put yourself into the centre of your industry by advertising your services at trade shows. We can tell you from experience that this is a truly effective method to bring in more people to see what your business has to offer. This can help build a list of new customers and clients in a face to face environment, proving yourself to be a trustworthy brand to work with.


As a business owner, you can find many opportunities to take advantage of offline marketing to maximise your online growth. After all, nothing can replace personal and physical interaction with a product to increase the chances of a sale. Remember to be clear about your objective if you choose this path. You need to be direct in what you are offering in the event that people have more questions.

Talk to Wodehouse Ltd

With years of experience bespoke marketing solutions, Wodehouse Ltd are here for everything you need to boost your business. From printing for exhibition purposes, to business cards and marketing collateral, there is no limit to what we can do. To find out more about our services, get in touch today.



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