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Charity Christmas Marketing: Time is Now

Summer is a must for your business to begin marketing for Christmas. Why? Because while most companies will currently be spending their time relaxing over summer, chances are they will find themselves rushed when Christmas hits! As a charity, you can be using this time to give yourself a competitive edge. This week, we are discussing how you can organise your Christmas marketing strategy for the upcoming months.

Peak Planning board

Your planning and co-ordination should begin as of August and you should be monitoring your performance from September. Ensuring transparency and collaboration across your organisation should underpin all preparations for Christmas.

Setting up a “peak planning board” to ensure that each department in your organisation is aware of their roll building up to the Christmas period should be the first step you take. It is especially important for your marketing teams to be consistently communicating with each other. Seasonal campaigns can be supported to optimise your fundraising goals. Marketing teams can also help drive these goals by creating mini campaigns for certain aspects of your fundraising goals that may be lagging.


You should begin your segmentation planning in July, while your insights and analysis should take place from August to October. Personalisation should take place from November onwards. A sensible approach to segmentation and targeting is needed to account for changes in the public’s behaviour in the lead-up to Christmas.

Using your insights from the year before, you can identify the frequency and value of the donations you receive. This can vary, from whether they donate to you on a regular basis, or whether they only do so around Christmas time, or whether their donation patterns change at Christmas.

This information can help you to determine what level of marketing personalisation you can apply to different people. You may find it to be more efficient to apply higher levels of personalisation to your communication with regular, high-value donators, but lower levels to those less frequent who donate less to you or only donate at certain times of the year.


Your attribution planning should begin around August and you should be monitoring your donation paths from August as well. Advanced attribution, which take account of every touchpoint and every device (platform and channel used by the individual donating during the purchasing journey) can offer a completely integrated view of donator behaviour.

Doing so enables you to view performance levels and return on investment for individual channels and campaigns in near to real-time. This opens up opportunities to adjust campaigns and divert resources on-the-fly to support successful channels or give a boost to under-performing campaigns.

Email Marketing

You should begin your email marketing plan from August and be testing it out between August and mid-September. From there you should begin your monitoring and contingency. It is important to have a clear email marketing strategy in place. Think about what you would like people to pay more attention to and which campaigns need a boost. Email based marketing campaigns can be a rather valuable platform for implementing a “contingency plan” in the event that targets are not being met.


Your visuals should be planned and designed in August. Any booking media should be covered from September to mid-November. Finally, the launch and management of your campaigns should go ahead from min-November onwards.

Competition for advertising space during the build-up to Christmas is intense, so the earlier you invest, the better chances you have of being seen. High-impact display advertising formats such as homepage takeovers, posters, digital signage etc, get snapped up quickly, especially where there are high levels of traffic.

Seasonal campaigns should be planned and have space booked in September in order to run from November. This means that advert design and copywriting must be finalised by September. It is important to consider not only Christmas, but the days after Christmas. While many brands will be talking about January sales, you could be marketing a new way to bring in donations during this time.


If you do choose to work with affiliates for your Christmas charity marketing, you should get planning between August and mid-September. From here until November, you should be securing deals with your affiliates and then from mid-November you should be going live with your partnerships.

Partnering with affiliates can be quite an effective approach to increase the reach of your marketing campaigns. This is something that is vital to bringing in donations at Christmas when there’s so many voices competing to be heard by the same audience.

Talk to Wodehouse

For all your marketing needs, Wodehouse is here to help. From print, to direct marketing, to developing your branding, there are so many aspects of marketing we can cover to help your organisation succeed in the run-up to Christmas. Get in touch for more information.



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