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5 Direct Mail Trends we have Seen so Far in 2018

We are officially halfway through the year! And guess what guys? Direct marketing is still going strong. This week, we are looking at the trends that we have noticed this year so far. A few of these trends are based around the combination of print and digital, and how these areas can be integrated. What’s more, we can see how these two marketing methods can learn from one another. This demonstrates that digital and print can go hand in hand for the sake of creating richer and more memorable experiences for the customer.

Programmatic Direct Marketing

We are in an age where knowing your customers is essential to best practices in marketing. Therefore, their personas and what they are looking for makes programmatic marketing a huge factor to consider. We have seen programmatic increasing in online display advertising in recent years. Now, marketers are beginning to take the same approach with their direct marketing campaigns.

In essence, programmatic means that companies can use data and technology to create accurate audience profiles. This is so they can make the right decisions on what those audiences should see. Online, this means they can target customers with the right adverts. In terms of direct marketing, you can target customers on your website with highly targeted and personalised direct mail based on their website behaviour, i.e. abandoned baskets or particular product searches.

Programmatic mail combines digital technology with the emotional response of direct marketing. Given that it is quick and leaves customers feeling valued, it is no surprise that the combination of direct and programmatic marketing has been successful.

Integrated Direct Marketing Campaigns

As there are many possible touchpoints for a customer, it is extremely important to ensure that your direct marketing campaigns are co-ordinated across many channels. This ensures consistency in that your customers see the same messaged and creative reach at this touchpoint. It also helps you to broaden your audience.

Here are a few ways to integrate direct marketing into your campaigns:

  • Personalised URLS leading to a landing page of exclusive offers.
  • QER codes to send a customer to a landing page.
  • Personalised coupon codes for you to track usage and see who is responding to your direct marketing.

Dimensional Mailers

Say goodbye to traditional direct marketing formats of letters, postcards and catalogues, and begin to think outside the box. Although they have been around for years, this year so far has seen an increase in companies sending them out.

Dimensional direct marketing offers something a little extra and often need some interaction from the recipient. This means they are likely to stick in people’s minds. While dimensional mailers help you stand out from the crowd, it can be costly. Make sure you are targeting the right people. Keep items small to reduce postage costs and make sure it is relevant to your brand and audience. If you are not sure about the return on investment, test it out with a small subject first.

Augmented Reality

This year was set to see a huge trend in AR direct mail campaigns, and we can see why. AR brings digital content into the real world, making it ideal for tying together digital and print. It is a wonderful way for customers to interact with brands.

With it still being fairly new, you may need to offer your customers with a bit of education. With this in mind, be sure to add clear instructions on your direct mail so that they know what to do for it to work. A meaningful experience means a worthier pay-out.

Funky Finishes

Studies have shown that touch memory has a strong impact on people. Adding texture to your direct marketing will make them feel interesting as well as make them look great. It is also more likely that they will stick in people’s minds. If you haven’t taken up this trend just yet, why not add it to your next direct marketing campaign?

You can look at different finishes to add further interest to your mailers, such as shiny, metallic foiling. Glow in the dark or glitter are also good alternatives. Also, what about spot varnishing? This is used for the purpose of adding depth and clarity to images, leaving the rest of it matt. This means that the varnished image will stand out more.

There are many options for getting creative when it comes to adding a finish to your direct marketing. Just be sure that you do not go overboard. Too much texture can be overwhelming. Think hard about where these can be used on your mailers and stick to one or two well-chosen ones. These will have much more of an impact.

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