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"All babies need special care … some need it more than others!"

Baby Grow Appeal - Countess of Chester Hospital


"When the joy of a new baby is replaced with fear for their survival we want the very best facilities for the babies and their parents as they embark on their rollercoaster journey of care that may take months to reach a 'happy ending'."

The Neonatal Unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital was built 40 years ago when the hospital first opened and is now outdated as medical advancements mean there is so much more life-saving equipment in this very small space. The unit was built with babies in mind; not parents and siblings. Parents looked through the glass windows and watched their babies being cared for, however medically it is critical for the wellbeing of babies to spend as much time as possible with parents. The new unit will be considerably bigger with more space around each incubator, a room for families and siblings and a room to discuss with parents the care needed for their baby.

The Babygrow Appeal was launched to raise money to build a new Neonatal Unit at the COCH that will provide better facilities and a more spacious environment for the babies and their families, with a goal of £3million! The fundraising team at the COCH have been actively fundraising since it's launch, approaching Wodehouse for the a Christmas direct mail campaign to keep their supporters up to date on the progress, and design and print of numerous raffle tickets.  

Direct mail campaign which included, design, print, distribution and data management. Numerous raffle tickets throughout the year which inlude the design and print, working within a budget they range from single, to full colour tickets dependent on what the raffle ticket needed to feature.